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  • DSP performance comparison Numpy vs. Cython vs Numba vs Pythran vs Julia

  • DSP with Python Part 1: Speeding up with Cython

  • Hosting your Pelican site on gitlab pages

    Hosting a static website on gitlab pages is very convenient. However, if you have not used continuous integration (CI or gitlab runners) before like myself you might run into a couple of issues I’m documenting some of the problems here and give some fixes.


    Make sure that …

  • A comparison of static site generators

    How to create your own academic website

    I’m an academic working at Chalmers University of Technology. So my requirements are somewhat different to usual bloggers and software developers, however not really unusual.

    I want an open source solution or at least a solution were I have easy access to …

  • My blog is live

    Finally I have a website

    After much procacrastination I finally managed to create my own website and blog. I’ve tried several times to finally start, but I always get stuck researching the best website engine, looking for great themes and customising the selected theme half way and giving up …